1Video games make us all serial killers

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You’ve completed a day at work, smiling at colleagues when you pass them in the corridor and making nice with customers.

On the way home you pop to the shops, perhaps sparing some change for a homeless person. You cook a healthy and nutritious meal, listening with concern to the perilous state of the world outlined on the news as it plays in the background. With the day’s tasks taken care of you settle down on the couch. It’s your time now, so what will you do? Why, commit bloody, insatiable murder of course…

Like it or not your gaming alter ego is a serial killer, a sadist, a psychopath. How many people have you killed in video games? What’s your favourite way to do it? Do you like the softly, softly approach – sneaking up on someone to take them out – or do you prefer full frontal assault, wading through carcasses with a Gatling gun strapped to your chest?

Following are 10 of my favourite ways to eliminate enemies in games, be it for their comedic value, brutality, or for just being downright evil. Muahaha…