2D Point-and-Click Zniw Adventure was Created by Just 2 People

Play as the adventurous dinosaur Zniw in the upcoming Zniw Adventure.

Lucas “Kurasiu” Mikolajczyk and Karolina Twardosz have been working on their title Zniw Adventure for almost four years and it’s finally almost complete. The game has officially been given a Steam page complete with trailer and screenshots.


Zniw Adventure is a traditional point-and-click adventure featuring classic frame-by-frame animations, dinosaurs, prehistoric creatures and even educational aspects. You play as Zniw who is trying to find a gift for her mother’s hatch day. When something goes wrong, Zniw ends up far away from her home. Armed with her sharp tongue, a serious lack of navigational skills, and some travel brochures, players must help Zniw find her way back home.

You can play the demo for Zniw Adventure here as well as watch the adorable trailer below.