Anthem’s Massive ‘Day One’ Patch is Available Now for PC Players

For those of you who have been playing Anthem or those picking up the game tomorrow, there’s a huge new patch on the way.

Anthem’s Day 1 Patch has already begun to roll out, with PC players able to update the game with the patch now. For everyone else, it will roll out between now and tomorrow, bringing with it a tonne of new updates and fixes including: decreased loading times for older disk drives, multiple challenges not tracking properly, infinite loading screens and much more.


You can find a full list of everything included in this patch on EA’s website.

Despite this patch being called “Day 1”m Anthem technically released six days ago for anyone subscribed to Origin Premier on PC.

And anyone who subscribes to regular Origin, or EA Access on Xbox One, has also been able to play 10 hours since last Friday, February 15th.

So perhaps this patch isn’t exactly “Day 1” for all players, but it will be for anyone picking up the game on its official release date of tomorrow, February 22nd.