Apex Legends Roadmap Lays Out Year One Content

Apex Legends has got off to a great start for Respawn and EA.

With news such as the game had over 2.5 million players on its first day and that cross-play is planned, it looks like it has a bright future. And it appears that future will be filled with new content to keep the game fresh.

Striking while the iron is hot, Respawn has released a roadmap for the first year of content for the game. It reveals that like any online shooter these days, Apex Legends is going to have seasons. Each season is set to last for around three months, which means over the next year there will be four seasons overall. The first season is set to start in March. The last season of the year will start in December.


At the moment everything is a bit vague, but each season new Legends, weapons and loot will be introduced. A Battle Pass will also be available each season, providing players with exclusive cosmetic items that are retained after the season has ended. New Legends will never be exclusive to a Battle Pass, however. The cost of an Apex Legends Battle Pass is unknown at this time.

You can take a look at the Apex Legends year one roadmap below. And if you want any more information about the game, why not visit the Apex Legends FAQ?

Apex Legends Year 1 Roadmap