Art Sqool is a Game Where an AI Bot Critiques Your Work

Fancy yourself a bit of an artist, and need some validation for your work?

You could ask your friends and family for their opinion, sure. But can you really trust them to be impartial? They won’t want to hurt your feelings. They’ll tell you your work is good even if it isn’t. What you can trust to be honest with you, though, is an artificial intelligence robot. And luckily, Art Sqool happens to have one of those.

Fresh from the mind of Julian Glander, Art Sqool is a game that puts you in the shoes of a freshman at art school. Sorry, a “froshmin” at “art sqool”. Set in a strange and abstract world – as I imagine any art school can be as a freshman – Art Sqool tasks you to complete a series of drawing assignments, all of which will be graded by your AI-powered professor.

Exploring the weird and wonderful lands of Art Sqool will allow you to unlock new creative tools to enhance your assignments.  You’ll start out with a basic drawing pen tool and just two colours, but you’ll soon amass new types of brushes, strokes and a palette of colours. Some of your assignments are pretty straightforward – “draw a horse” – while others ask you to be a little more creative and abstract – “draw as much of the universe as you can fit on one page”.

You have a blank canvas to complete each assignment in your own time, in between exploring the weird and wonderful campus of Art Sqool. Once you’re finished, it’s back to the professor, who’ll grade your assignment. And, providing you didn’t fail (it can happen), you’ll pick up your next task.

The AI professor will grade you based on colour, composition, linework and approach. Exactly how it evaluates each of those is unclear. The horse I drew was absolutely abysmal, but the AI deemed it worthy of a “B”. Perhaps it took pity on me. Other assignments, where I tried a little harder, ended up with a “D” – and a D is a Big Fat Fail.

How seriously you take the assignments given to you in Art Sqool is entirely up to you. It’s clearly not a game that’s meant to be taken seriously – it’s called Art Sqool after all! – but it still provides a fun outlet where you can let your creative juices shine. Sure, you could perhaps open up Microsoft Paint and end up with a similar result, but no AI is going to tell you how you’re doing there.

Whether you’re a budding artist or just enjoy scribbling some lines with your mouse, Art Sqool is a lot of fun. Underneath its zany exterior, it offers a genuinely fulfilling creative escape, and who doesn’t want that?

Art Sqool is available now on Steam.