Beginner’s Tips for Mastering Dungeons in World of Warcraft

If you have not yet mastered dungeons – or instances – you are missing out on one of the best parts of World of Warcraft.

World of Warcraft is a game you can get lost in for hours. The history the game’s world is captivating, and the range of different roles on offer means there’s something to suit every play style. Whether you choose to play as a and choose to be a tank, a healer or a damage dealer, you’ll learn new spells, travel to new lands, collect gear, and play in raids, quests, and dungeons.

Dungeons are dotted all around World of Warcraft‘s world. They’re adventuring areas, designed to be tackled by a party of up to five players. Parties need to be made of specific character classes; to be valid, a party needs one tank (a heavy offence character), one healer, and up to three damage dealers (these can be either melee or ranged). You can reach dungeons by travelling there yourself, using a Meeting Stone, or using the in-game Dungeon Finder tool.


If you’d rather play alone, you can choose to tackle a dungeon by yourself, but be warned: they’re designed to be played in groups, so your success will depend on how competent your character is. Equally, in a team, your success will depend on how competent the other players are. If the tank or the healer aren’t doing their job properly, it can be the difference between victory and defeat.

If you’re fairly new to the game, it can be pretty intimidating to play online with other, likely more experienced players.  If you need a little help in progressing through World of Warcraft, you can use dungeon carries from players – expert players that will safely guide you through a dungeon.

If you’re too new to World of Warcraft, though, you might want to spend some time exploring the world before deciding to tackle a dungeons. Dungeons are populated with stronger enemies, more powerful than the normal creatures you encounter. The rewards are greater as a result, but make sure you’re prepared before you attempt to tackle a dungeon.

Different dungeons have different level requirements. There’s a minimum level, ranging between 10 and 50, and a recommended level range, with the baseline often being higher than the minimum allowed. Make sure the dungeon you choose to tackle is appropriate to your level, and the level of your teammates.

Before entering a dungeon, make sure that you have the right gear and supplies. Make sure your armour and weapons is fully repaired, and your most suitable items are equipped. Having a good stash of healing items – bandages, potions, food and water – is also a good idea.

Inside a dungeon, it’s important to focus on your task at hand. Your role within the group will be determined by your character class: the tank should be leading the way in terms of attacking enemies, with the damage dealers not far behind. The healer should be staying out of direct attack, offering support to the offensive characters as and when needed. Remember, your team is counting on you, so stick to your role and do the best that you can.

If you’re in a group, don’t wander too far. Sticking together is the key to survival, especially since each character class has an important role to play. If the healer gets separated from the group, or if the tank wanders too far ahead, it can spell disaster.

It can be a good idea to research the dungeon you’re about to enter before you go in. This will help you know what to expect, and can help you prepare effectively by making sure you have the best equipment for the job. It’s also helpful if your teammates know what to expect, too. Even if you’re playing with strangers, it can be very useful to communicate while you play. You never know; you could even make some new friends out of your dungeon experience.