2Animal Crossing: New Leaf

I remember the very first time I realised that I could play Animal Crossing with friends. I’d begged my best friend to play with me and, with very little bribery, he did. Within seconds of loading into his town, he had dropped 99,000 bells at my feet. I was a new player. This was an unbelievably generous gift that I did not deserve. Did I exploit it? Of course I did. Did I upgrade my house four times with that money? You bet that sweet, sweet raccoon butt I did.

After showing me around town we took a totally platonic ride to a nearby island and I stole coconuts and bananas to plant on my own beach. When you reach the island, there are little mini games that you can play with your friends – contests to see who can catch the most fish or pop the most balloons with slingshots. You can earn money that has to be spent on the island so I left with a brand new pirate’s hat.

Not that the animal villagers aren’t great, but playing Animal Crossing: New Leaf with another human is really fun, and it’s definitely a strong contender for one of the best multiplayer games on 3DS.