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Gran Turismo Sport

This game is enhanced for PS4 Pro

We weren’t very kind to Gran Turismo Sport upon launch, but for a good reason; it had little content.

The first and quite possibly only Gran Turismo game we’ll see on PlayStation 4 launched with a heavy online multiplayer focus, and while that’s very much still the case, there is now at least plenty of single player content outside of what are essentially tutorials. Since launch, more cars and tracks have been added too, giving us hope that one day Gran Turismo Sport will genuinely feel like the full-fat Gran Turismo experience we expected.

Content issues aside, however, Gran Turismo Sport looks and plays absolutely brilliantly. The handling is as sharp as ever, its tracks are varied, and its visuals are second to none. This is the game you buy if you want to show off your 4K HDR TV. It’s not Gran Turismo 7, but it’s steadily becoming what we really expected of the next title in the venerable series.

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