Burnout Successor, Dangerous Driving, Gets a Release Date and New Trailer

Dangerous Driving Crash15

Are you ready to cause some ultimate mayhem on the roads?

Three Fields Entertainment, the team behind Dangerous Golf and Danger Zone, has just announced that its next game, Dangerous Driving, is set to be released on 9th April.

The studio, founded by ex-Criterion devs – the team responsible for bringing us the much-loved Burnout series – has been trying to capture the destructive magic of Burnout over a series of games. Dangerous Golf took the destruction away from vehicles and placed it in a golf ball. Danger Zone, and its sequel Danger Zone 2, took the Crash Junction aspect of Burnout and made it the sole focus of the game. This time, Dangerous Driving looks to offer a fuller driving experience, taking the action back into a racing environment.


The game will have 30 courses set over seven different locations, with a number of game modes on offer. There’s Takedown, Eliminator, Road Rage and Heatwave races, but all look to boil down to a similar goal: own the road and destroy as many of your opponents in the process. Pure Burnout style, then.

We’re pretty excited about Dangerous Driving, and looking at the trailer, it seems we may be in for some fun. In terms of visuals, it looks very nice, with beautiful locations and some excellent crash and destruction physics.

Thankfully, we don’t have to wait too long to get our hands on it. Dangerous Driving is coming to PC (via Epic Store), Xbox One and PS4 on 9th April. Digitally, it’ll be priced at £25/$30. There’ll also be a retail version available, which comes bundled with Danger Zone 2, priced at £30/$40.

Watch the trailer for yourself below. We’ll have more coverage on Dangerous Driving closer to release.