Can You Play Anthem on Your Own?

While Anthem is primarily a multiplayer co-op game, it can largely be played just like a single player game.

The game’s introductory section has to be played on your own, in fact. And from that point on, only certain content forces you to play with others. Though you always need to be online.

If you just want to play through Anthem‘s story without anyone disturbing you, it’s easy to do. Whenever you’re about to go on an expedition, just make sure you set your session to private. You do that by pressing in the right analogue stick on PS4 and Xbox One.


Unfortunately, not all of Anthem‘s content can be enjoyed privately, though.

Freeplay Expeditions are always open to the public, meaning that there’s always likely to be three others players dashing around the environment you’re in. You don’t have to work or communicate with them, but they’ll be there. Also, Anthem‘s Strongholds, the game’s endgame dungeons, have to be played in a team.

So, while most of Anthem can be played without having to interact with anybody at all, when you reach the endgame you’re going to have to work with others to get the best items.