Check Out This Fantastic New Trailer for Metro Exodus

Metro Exodus 2

Metro Exodus is now just over a week away, and to whet our appetite for it just that little bit more an excellent new trailer has been released for it.

Artyom’s Nightmare is a beautifully directed piece of animation that gives us a glimpse of Artyom’s character. The locations that Metro Exodus is going to make us journey through are also perhaps hinted at. Anyway, just give it a watch below and try not to be impressed.


Set for release on 15th February for PS4, Xbox One and PC, Metro Exodus takes players out of the dark tunnels they’re used to and lets them explore diverse, non-linear levels. To survive, players will have to manage their resources carefully, craft weaponry, and make tough decisions that may result in some characters not making it to the end of the adventure. Are you up to the task?

While the best Metro Exodus experience will undoubtedly be on PC, the game is also enhanced for both PS4 Pro and Xbox One X. Judging by past Metro games, we’re pretty sure it’ll look great no matter what format you play it on though.

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