Darksiders III Crucible DLC Now Available

Darksiders III - Crucible 2

I love Darksiders III. That’s why I gave it 9/10 in my review.

Since completing it, however, I’ve had little reason to go back to it. Well, until now, that is. Thankfully, the game’s first DLC has landed.

Darksiders III‘s The Crucible DLC is available now on all platforms that the game is available on. That’s PS4, Xbox One and PC to be more specific. It adds The Crucible, unsurprisingly, which offers 101 waves of gruelling combat for you to endure. Though of course, you’ll be rewarded for your efforts.

25 waves initially become available upon defeating the first real Sin, with further Sins you overcome each unlocking an additional 25 waves until you’ve unlocked all 100. Complete all 100 waves without dying and you’ll progress to the last, final wave, reserved only for those with unrivalled combat prowess. Could that be you?

You don’t have to complete all 101 waves in one go to get goodies from Darksiders III‘s The Crucible DLC, though. At the end of every five waves you beat, you’ll be offered to take your loot and run, or carry on and possibly reap greater rewards. As well as rare crafting materials to improve your weapons and enchantments, there are new armour sets to obtain and new enchantments.

Needless to say, anyone who’s a fan of Darksiders III would be wise to check The Crucible out. It costs just £5.99/$6.99. Need more convincing? Watch the launch trailer for Darksiders III’s The Crucible DLC below.