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David Fincher’s Animated Netflix Series ‘Love, Death and Robots’ is an Assault on the Senses


That will likely be your reaction to this first teaser trailer for Netflix’s adults-only animated anthology series Love, Death & Robots. It’s being executive produced by David Fincher and Tim Miller (the man in the chair for the first – and best – Deadpool movie) so we probably should have expected something pretty weird – and this delivers in spades.

It’s one minute of frenetic images, flashing by so quickly that you barely have time to take them in, set to music that wants to explode your brain through the power of German techno. According to Deadline, the series will consist of 18 episodes between five and 15 minutes long spanning sci-fi, fantasy, horror and dark comedy. Each episode will be produced by a different animation crew from around the world, and the range of visual styles used will include everything from 2D to photo-realistic CGI.

Think The Animatrix crossed with some really messed up Japanese anime and you’ll be somewhere close to what Love, Death and Robots looks like. No doubt this series will encompass all sorts of demented craziness.

According to the press release, the official tag line for Love, Death and Robots is apparently “Sentient Dairy Products, Rogue Werewolf Soldiers, Robots Gone Wild, Sexy Cyborgs, Alien Spiders And Blood-thirsty Demons From Hell Converge in an 185-minute Genre Orgy Of Stories”. The series will apparently deal with serious themes like racism, government, war, free will and human nature, so it remains to be seen how exactly some of the biggest issues of our time fit with sexy cyborgs and sentient dairy products.

Love, Death & Robots arrives on Netflix on March 15, 2019.

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