Dungeons 3 Gets a Rather “Unexpected DLC”

“Expect the unexpected” is a cliché people say all the time right?

Kalypso Media announced today that their tongue-in-cheek strategy hit Dungeons 3 has a new DLC only titled “An Unexpected DLC” for players to enjoy on today PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One for £3.99/$4.99.

Dungeons 3 brings all the humour and strategy from classic dungeon management sims to a new modern audience with an extensive single player campaign, two player co-op mode and a fully re-worked overworld RTS mode.


The new DLC continues Dungeons 3’s story, according to developer Realmforge Studios, and takes this dungeon-building title to a new challenging level.

A new fully-voiced campaign is set across three new maps, proving players with a new creep type as well as a new boss the Queen of the Forest.

You can pick up Dungeons 3 on Amazon.

Check out the new gameplay trailer for the DLC below.