Game Soup is a Delightful Warioware-Like Collection of Microgames

Of all the games I loved on Nintendo Wii, Warioware: Smooth Moves comes top of the list.

I have fond memories of competing against friends, trying to be the best at all the random games it’d throw our way. And since its launch, over 12 years ago now, very few games have captured the magic of what made Smooth Moves so great.

Until now, perhaps.

Game Soup, available now on Steam is a collection of minigames that, like Warioware, tasks you with completing them as quickly as possible. Some may require just one or two inputs from you in order to be successful. Others may be quick puzzle games, or a tiny segment of a platformer game. Each one, though, needs to be completed in just a few seconds, and should you fail or run out of time, you’ll lose a life.

Unfortunately, Game Soup isn’t as comprehensive as Warioware: Smooth Moves. There’s no local multiplayer, and with only 46 minigames, you’ll have likely seen them all in less than half an hour. But – and here’s a very big but – Game Soup costs just £2.09/$3 on Steam. That’s nothing. That’s barely the price of a cup of tea in Starbucks. Colour me impressed.

The games on offer are varied and entertaining, and although some feel a little derivative, they’re fun nonetheless. The lack of split screen competition isn’t much of an issue, either: simply take it in turns to play with your friends to see who can rack up the highest score.

Don’t expect hours upon hours of fun from Game Soup, but for its ridiculously low price point, it’s worth every penny. If, like me, you miss the days of waving your Wiimote around to Warioware, it’ll fill a small void that nothing else has come close to in the last decade.

Game Soup is available now on Steam. Check out our short gameplay video below.