Highly Anticipated VR Title Ghost Giant to Receive Physical Release at Launch

This one is for those people that think that digital games are beneath them.

Zoink Games, part of the Thunderful family, and Perp Games have just announced that their VR title Ghost Giant will have a physical and digital launch this spring.


Ghost Giant is a puzzle adventure game from the developers of Stick it to the Man, Fe, and Flipping Death. The game tells the story of a lonely boy named Louis who befriends a giant ghost visible only to him. As the Ghost Giant, you’ll have to carefully build trust with Louis in order to help him through small, big and sometimes overwhelmingly huge obstacles, discovering the true meaning of friendship along the way.

Releasing a physical release at the same time as digital gives everyone the opportunity to explore the world of Ghost Giant from day one.

Ghost Giant will arrive exclusively on PlayStation VR in Spring 2019 and will receive a box release in EU territories. A North American date will follow.