How to Break Down Doors in Far Cry New Dawn

Far Cry New Dawn

In the apocalyptic Far Cry New Dawn, you’re a bit of a badass.

Your main character, Cap, is pretty tough. With a range of weapons you can equip throughout the game and a number of skills to learn, you can customise them to be a real war machine. But even with just their basic skills, Cap’s packing a pretty punch – and a kick.

Your melee attack comes in handy in many situations. Should you find yourself too close to an enemy, throwing a kick or a punch can literally be a life saver. But your melee attack can do more than just injure your enemies: it can also grant you access to buildings, small areas of the map, and through doors and windows.


By simply tapping your melee button – that’s pressing in the right stick – you can break down doors, smash windows and break up wooden panels.

Not every door can be entered this way, of course. Not all doors are made equal, and some will require a key (or a lockpicking skill) to open, while some will forever remain impassable. But older, rickety looking wooden doors can be knocked through with the sheer strength of your melee attack.

If you wander past a boarded-up door or window, it’s always worth trying to hit it with a melee attack. Often, loot hides in the buildings behind – and more resources for crafting, making healing supplies or upgrading your weapons is always good.