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Metro Exodus 2

How to Clean Your Weapons in Metro Exodus

Don’t you just love it when weapons degrade and become next to useless when you need them the most? Not really, but Metro Exodus is, at least, more forgiving than many games when it comes to penalising you for not cleaning your weapon.

In Metro Exodus, your weapon’s condition wears down as you use it. The lower it gets, the more likely it is to jam and the less effective it’ll be at doing damage to your enemies. The solution? You need to keep them clean. Here’s how to clean your weapons in Metro Exodus.

  1. Find a workbench. You’ll find one on your train past a certain point and they’ll be in safe houses and occasionally in other areas.
  2. Activate the workbench, then select the weapons section.
  3. Select the weapon you want. The orange brush bar will tell you how dirty it is.
  4. If it’s at all dirty, you’ll see a button choice for “clean”. Hold down the button to clean your weapon.
  5. Hey presto, you’re done.

You can’t, unfortunately, clean your weapons in the field so we recommend you clean your weapon in Metro Exodus every time you see a workbench. There are no resources required to do so, so there’s nothing to lose by keeping your gun nice and shiny.

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