How to Craft Items in Anthem

Anthem 3

While you’re likely to find most of the items you want to use in Anthem, crafting is an option should you be down on your luck.

To craft items in Anthem, you need two things: blueprints and components. Blueprints are obtained by various methods which are explained right here, while components can be obtained while out on Expeditions or gained by salvaging items that you’ve found. Some components can be bought from the Vanity Store, too.

To craft items in Anthem, you need to be in Fort Tarsis. Simply head on over to the Forge and interact with it. Once you’re in the Forge, select the type of equipment you want to craft, such as a weapon, move on over to the crafting tab by pressing the right shoulder button, and then select a blueprint from the ones you have available. Providing you have the components required to craft the item, you can do so with the press of a button.