How to Craft Weapons in Far Cry New Dawn

The latest Far Cry game to release, Far Cry New Dawn, has a pretty robust weapon crafting system.

And being the end of the world and all, the weapons you create aren’t exactly orthodox. There are your more standard handguns of course, but there are also flamethrowers aplenty, modified shotguns, and even crossbows that fire circular saws at enemies (my personal favourite). Crafting weapons is a key part of your success in Far Cry New Dawn – and a pretty major part of the game. Here’s everything you need to know about crafting weapons.

How to craft weapons in Far Cry New Dawn

You can craft weapons at any workbench. You’ll find a workbench in your home town of Prosperity. You’ll also acquire a new workbench in every outpost you liberate. Simply interact with a workbench to bring up a list of all the weapons available to craft.


To begin with, you’ll have a limited number of weapons available to you until you progress further into the game. And to craft any weapon, you need to make sure you have the correct materials to do so.

The requirements vary for each weapon, but every one of them requires a pretty hefty number of components. Make sure you loot everything you can as you’re exploring Far Cry New Dawn’s world. Crafting components are found literally everywhere, so they’re never too hard to come across.

How to unlock new weapons to craft

In order to craft bigger, better and more badass weapons, you first need to upgrade the weapons facility in Prosperity. In order to do so, you’ll need to acquire some ethanol, which can be found by overtaking enemy outposts, finding enemy supply drops or hijacking tanker trucks.

Once you’ve got the right amount of ethanol, you can simply interact with the weapons facility, and choose to upgrade. Now, when you visit the crafting menu, you’ll have a wider range of weapons available to you.