How to Earn Coins in Dead by Daylight’s Lunar New Year Event

Lunar New Year may be over, but that doesn’t mean the celebrations have to stop.

Players in Dead by Daylight still have some time left to log on and start earning coins by playing games during the Lunar New Year event. Coins can only be spent during this event and are used to purchase outfit items for Feng, Ace, and The Huntress. Here’s how to snatch up those coins.

You receive coins by saving up Moonrise Progress Points. Get enough points and you get a coin. It’s that easy! But how do you get your lunar points?

There are a few different ways to earn lunar points.

As the survivor you can:

  • Gain +4 points when any generator is repaired (you don’t have to have worked on the generator yourself).
  • Gain +25 points for taking a Lunar Vessel and escaping the trial with it.

*Note: Lunar Vessels are lanterns placed around the map. To grab one simply approach the vessel and a prompt will come up allowing you to snatch it. If you’re holding a vessel you will sparkle slightly so that’s how you can remember if you have one or not.

As a killer you can:

  • Gain +3 points for hooking a survivor
  • Gain +4 points for destroying a Lunar Vessel after hooking a survivor.

*Note: You can only destroy a Lunar Vessel for a short period of time after hooking the survivor. You can destroy a Vessel when it is colored red. Simply approach it and a prompt will let you smash it. 

Even if you don’t focus on those objectives, by playing the game you’ll be able to earn these points and get closer to gaining coins. Each item in the three outfits is one coin each or the full outfit is three coins. Now get out there and do some killing (or surviving if you prefer).