How to Find White Crabs in Kingdom Hearts 3

When you reach the Pirates of the Caribbean world in Kingdom Hearts 3, you’ll soon get a mission where you’re asked to find white crabs.

You see, in The Caribbean, you’re captain of your own ship known as the Leviathan. It’s a pretty modest ship to begin with, but it has scope to be upgraded to be more powerful, with better defences and more cannons. But in order to upgrade it, you need to find white crabs (don’t ask; we don’t know why).

For the story mission, you’ll need to find 300 crabs. It sounds like a lot, but you’ll find them in groups, and once you know where to look it won’t take you more than 15 minutes. Here’s everything you need to know about finding white crabs to upgrade your ship in Kingdom Hearts 3.

To find your first 300 white crabs, you won’t need to leave Port Royal, the town where your ship is docked. Heading down the pier, walk through the port. Around here you’ll find numerous barrels and cannons, many with white crabs hiding inside. Hit everything you can, and you’ll soon see tiny white crabs come crawling out. Simply running over the crabs will collect them.

Head behind the row of buildings at Port Royal and you’ll find a dirt path that leads to another part of town. All along this dirt path, you’ll find white stones on the floor, along with more barrels to destroy. Hit the stones and the barrels to find more white crabs.

Continue making your way through Port Royal, hitting barrels, boxes and cannons along the way. Towards the other side of the island you’ll find a courtyard inside the island’s fort; here you’ll find lots of barrels filled with white crabs dotted around. Clear this area, and you’ll reach that initial target of 300.

Upgrading your ship further in Kingdom Hearts 3

However, once you’ve found the initial 300 white crabs to complete the Kingdom Hearts 3 story mission, you’ll be told you can find more to upgrade your ship further. It’s a wise idea to upgrade at least a few levels, as ship-based combat gets tougher from this point forward.

White crabs don’t respawn on Port Royal, so you won’t be able to revisit the same areas. Instead, you’ll have to set out on your ship and visit the numerous other islands dotted around your map.

Some islands won’t have many white crabs, but several of them have hundreds. Have fun exploring, hitting every barrel you come across. And don’t forget to dive underwater – you never know what there is to be found in caverns and underwater caves.

To fully upgrade your ship, you’ll need a total of 1,700 crabs. It sounds a lot, but as you explore each island the number you find quickly escalates. Just remember to look everywhere.