How to Get Ethanol in Far Cry New Dawn

Far Cry New Dawn

In Far Cry New Dawn, there’s one currency that speaks louder than all the others: ethanol.

In Ubisoft’s latest post-apocalyptic world, money doesn’t matter too much. It’s ethanol, a chemical compound that’s use in both creating fuel and alcohol. Naturally, it has a lot of uses. Finding ethanol is the key to success in Far Cry New Dawn, then, as you need it to upgrade your base game, Prosperity.

A key part of the game is to upgrade several different areas of Prosperity, and to upgrade each one, you’ll need various amounts of ethanol. But where do you find ethanol in Far Cry New Dawn? We hope to answer that.


How to get ethanol in Far Cry New Dawn

There are three main ways to get ethanol: liberating outposts, looting supply drops and hijacking tanker trucks.

Of those, looting supply drops is the easiest – simply look for big crates dotted around the map, with a glowing flare on top. Interacting with them will net you a small amount of ethanol. But the amount you get is negligible, and you need to find several before you have enough to make any upgrades to Prosperity.

The second way is to hijack tanker trucks. As you’re driving around Hope County you’ll pass lots of enemies on the road, sometimes who’ll be transporting a big tanker filled with ethanol. Killing the enemies driving and protecting the truck leaves the tanker open for you to grab the wheel and drive back to camp.

Liberating outposts to get ethanol

The most efficient way to get ethanol in Far Cry New Dawn, though, is to take over enemy outposts. These are marked on your map, and by killing every enemy inside you’ll gain control of the outpost, netting yourself a lump sum of ethanol. Taking over a couple of camps will be enough to complete a couple of upgrades at Prosperity.

The difficulty of these outposts ramp up as you progress through the game, but early on you should have no problem storming in and letting rip. Be careful though; there’s bonus ethanol up for grabs if you manage to liberate the outpost without raising an alarm.

Once you’ve successfully liberated an outpost, you can choose to salvage it. Salvaging an outpost returns it back to the enemy, but for doing so you’ll be rewarded with more ethanol. Once the enemy has taken it over again, it’ll become more difficult to liberate a second time. Doing so will give you a bigger reward, so it’s probably worth doing.