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How to Get the Good Ending in Metro Exodus

Want to get the best ending in Metro Exodus?

It all depends on how good you, as Artyom, are. This is a bit arbitrary since there’s no narrative connection between your good deeds and the ending you get; the people you save don’t ride to your rescue, but there you go.

There’s no clear indication on screen to as which ending you’re get, no obvious tipping point, but to get the best ending in Metro Exodus, you need to do these two things.

Knock out people rather than kill them

This can prove tricky, especially when they’re trying to murder you. You need to sneaking around whenever possible and knock them out from behind. Or, if they’ve surrendered, again knock them out (using X on the Xbox One).

Complete as many side quests as you can

Various characters will offer you side quests, such as recovering a guitar or finding a girl’s teddy bear. Complete as many of these (we recommend two thirds) and you’ll have a good chance of getting the, er, good ending.

Happy Do-Gooding!

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