How to Heal in Kingdom Hearts 3

Combat in Kingdom Hearts 3 is pretty straightforward. Unless you’re playing on the hardest difficulty, nothing poses too much of a challenge – but you still may need to heal. Here’s how.

There are a few different ways of healing in Kingdom Hearts 3, and you’ll have the most success if you utilise every option.

First, you can use potions. Healing potions need to be equipped to your party, so Sora, Donald and Goofy each have their own stock of them that can be accessed during a battle. Outside of battle, you simply need to head to your items menu where you can freely use them.


In battle, when you’re running low on health, you’ll need to navigate to ‘items’ using your d-pad and use a potion on Sora (or another party member if they’re in need of your help). The amount of health it will heal will depend on what type of potion. A standard potion heals a moderate amount, whereas a hi-potion will restore much more of your health.

You can also rely on Donald and Goofy to help you out when you need healing, although this isn’t the most reliable method. Donald uses primarily magic attacks, and can heal you using his Cure spell. And providing both characters are equipped with a stash of potions, they can also use these to heal you. It often takes a while for them to notice you need healing though, so be careful.

Finally, the easiest and most effective way of healing is to use the Cure spell (which later upgrades to Cura). Sora will automatically acquire this spell pretty early on in the game. Once he’s got it, it’s a simple case of navigating to the ‘Magic’ menu when in battle, and choosing the Cure spell.

You can also equip both potions and the Cure spell to your shortcut menu by heading to “Customize”. You’ll then quickly be able to heal by holding down R1/RB and pressing the button you’ve assigned Cure, or a potion, to.