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How to Make Bullets, Shells and Ammo in Metro Exodus

Unlike previous games in the series, you don’t use bullets as money in Metro Exodus. However, you’ll still find yourself low on ammo at times, so here’s how to make new bullets.

First, you need to collect resources, such as chemicals and other components, by scavenging the wasteland.

Then, you need to be at a workbench, which you can find in safehouses or, from a certain point onwards, in a train. You can make a few resources, such as filters and medikits, from your backpack, but bullets can only be made at a workbench.

Next, select the workbench and scroll to the crafting section, then down to ammunition. You’ll be informed which components you need to make rifle ammo, shotguns shells, or bullets. You typically need chemicals and empty bullet casings.

If you’re short of any, try deconstructing the ammunition you’re not using. So if you have an assault rifle and a shotgun, deconstruct the handgun bullets.

Finally, select the ammo type in question and select it to make them. You can do this multiple times till your ammo capacity is full or till you run out of components.

You can only do this at workbenches. You might find ammo when looting bodies but if you’ve got next to no ammo on you, reconsidering heading into a hot zone.

Happy monster murdering!

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