How to Manually Tune Your Cars in DiRT Rally 2.0

DiRT Rally 2

Unlike in most rally games, you’re not able to manually tune your cars in DiRT Rally 2.0 from the outset.

As you add cars to your garage during your DiRT Rally 2.0 career, you won’t be able to manually tune them until you’ve bought specific upgrades for them. And for some cars it can be costly.

If you head into your garage and select any car, you’ll find that in the upgrades tab there’s a tuning upgrade available. It’s always the upgrade on the far left. Buy that, and you’ll be able to manually tune that vehicle.


The more expensive the car, the more expensive the upgrade to unlock tuning is, so on the best cars it’s going to cost a small fortune. It’s worth it though, as it enables you to fine tune your car to the game’s tracks.

Once you’ve bought the tuning upgrade for your car, you’ll be able to manually tune it while you’re in the service area before events. Make use of shakedowns to test out your tweaks before starting an event proper. It might make the difference between finishing first and last. You can also save your manual tune ups so you can make use of them at different points in DiRT Rally 2.0‘s career.