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How to Modify Weapons in Metro Exodus

Metro Exodus (7)

You can carry up to three main weapons in Metro Exodus, including multiple versions of the same weapon.

Three doesn’t seem like a lot but you can in fact modify them to your heart’s content. Here’s how to modify weapons in Metro Exodus.

First, get the additional components. The best way to do this is by finding someone who’s dropped their weapon. But, instead of picking it up, hold down the button (B on the Xbox One) that lets you disassemble the weapon. This will give you whatever components the weapon had on it.

There are two ways of access the modify weapon screen. If you’re near a workbench you can use one of those – typically you’ll find these in safe houses and, from a certain point onwards, on the train. Or, alternatively, if you’re out in the field you can select your backpack (using the left bumper button and then A on the Xbox)

Whichever you choose, select the weapon modification section, using the upper right trigger (on the Xbox One) to switch between weapons.Then, move up and down the section you want to modify: silencer, stock, etc.

Finally, move left and right to select the add-on you want. Certain options are only available on certain weapons.

You can modify your weapon in Metro Exodus as many times as you want, and you can can two weapons that are identical, just modded differently. We recommend getting the extra ammo clip for the assault rifle as soon as you can.

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