How to Perform a Scrub in Monster Energy Supercross 2

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Monster Energy Supercross 2

If you want to beat your opponents on tougher AI levels while playing Monster Energy Supercross 2, you’re going to need to master the scrub.

A manoeuvre that involves tilting your bike to one side while leaning in the other direction in order to reduce the time spent in the air, the scrub is essential to reducing lap times. With the assists cranked up and the opponent AI set to medium or lower, you might manage to place highly in Monster Energy Supercross 2 events, but performing scrubs will make your wins come much easier. But how do you perform one?

You have two options when performing a scrub: sticks in or sticks out. Just before you approach the crest of a jump, you can either steer hard left while leaning hard to the right to pull off a scrub, or steer hard to the right while leaning hard to the left. Basically, you have to move both analogue sticks towards each other or away from each other. But timing is crucial.


Try to perform a scrub too early and you will lose speed and also possibly control of your bike. Try to perform a scrub too late and you’ll simply soar through the air and waste valuable time. You need to perform a scrub just before your bike starts to leave the ground; go the compound to practice if you’re having trouble getting the timing just right. Or revisit the game’s tutorial.

When performing a scrub, be aware that you’ll also need to counter steer while in the air to get your bike straight again and land safely. Also be aware that if there is a corner coming up after a particularly large jump, that the direction of your scrub can be advantageous. If there is a left-hand corner coming up, for instance, perform a scrub in which your bike is tilted to the left. If there’s a right hand corner coming up, perform a scrub that tilts your bike to the right. You’ll find it easier to take the upcoming corner this way.

The efficiency of your scrub can also be improved by completing training in Monster energy Supercross 2‘s career mode. You’ll be challenged with completing one or more scrubs on small sections of tracks. For every ten stars you earn, you’ll be rewarded with a small scrub upgrade. Every little helps.

We hope our advice helps you to be a master scrubber!