How to Play DiRT Rally 2.0 With Friends

Dirt Rally 2 3

If you and your friends have bought DiRT Rally 2.0, chances are you’re going to want to play together at some point or another.

To play DiRT Rally 2.0 with friends, you need to head on over to the Custom Championship mode in the Freeplay tab on the game’s main menu.

Once you’re in the Custom Championship menu, you have the option of creating your own custom championship or joining one. To play with friends, you’re probably going to want to create one, so select that. On the next screen, you can select which rallies you want to be in your championship, and also how many stages each one will consist of.


In the Custom Championship menu, you can switch between multiple pages of Custom Championship options using the shoulder buttons.┬áThe Lobby tab allows you to invite your friends, so that’s where you want to head if you want to play with them. You’ll also need to pay a visit to the Multiplayer Settings tab and set the session to online. Whether you want to make it private or not is up to you. You can also choose to restrict the use of assists via the Multiplayer Settings tab.

Explore the options in DiRT Rally 2.0‘s Custom Tournament mode, and create the events that give you and your friends the most fun.