How To Prestige a Character in Dead by Daylight

Characters in Dead by Daylight are like the player’s babies. They must raise them and then, when they’ve reached an old enough age, they let them go.

In this case, “letting a character go” means sacrificing all of your hard earned blood points in order to prestige them. At some point, everyone will reach this point in their lives and, as heartbreaking as it is, you have to let them go so they continue to grow.

You can get survivors and killers up to level 50 before they’re able to be prestiged. When you get a character to level 50 a skull will show up in the center of their blood web. By holding down the action button on the skull you will prestige your character, essentially wiping the slate clean and resetting them to level one.

The point in prestiging a character, other then to make you very, very sad is so that as you level them up the second time, they’ll receive rarer and rarer abilities. You can prestige a character up to three times until they can no longer be leveled up any more. You’ll still be able to use blood points to allow that character to get new items, but they won’t level up past level 200. It’s as easy as that!

Each time you prestige a character you recieve an exclusive outfit item for them covered in blood. So, if you see a super bloodied character, they’ve got a lot of hours under their belt.

With Dead by Daylight headed to Nintendo Switch later this year, it’s important that everyone knows how to make the most out of their blood points!