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How to Repair the Gas Mask in Metro Exodus

Even though Metro Exodus takes you out of irradiated Moscow, there are still plenty of occasions when you’ll need your gas mask to avoid radiation.

When you hear a geiger meter clicking or hear Artyom choking, it’s time to put it on. But what if it’s broken or cracked? Here’s how to repair the gas mask in Metro Exodus.

If you’re near a workbench and you know you’re going into an irradiated area, go to the workbench (you can find them in various locations, in safe houses and after a certain area, on the train). Go to the equipment menu, select your gas mask and hold down the button shown to repair it, though you will need resources to do this.

However, if you’re not near a workbench, you’ll have to do a quick patch job if your mask has become cracked. On your controller, hit the top left shoulder button and Artyom should put a piece of duct tape over it which will hold for now.

WARNING: Do this as soon as a crack or hole appears. On occasions, we found our mask in Metro Exodus was so damaged that Artyom couldn’t even tape it. Go into an area with a hole in your mask and you might as well not be wearing it; you’ll hear Artyom choking and he’ll expire shortly after. Doing this the first time should give you the “Martian” achievement.

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