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How to Save Your Game in Metro Exodus

It’s strongly advised that you save your game in Metro Exodus since, if you rely on the auto save, it’s possible to find yourself stuck.

The game may auto save when you’ve got a minute’s filter left, unable to get to safety in time, or without the resources to make a new one. Here’s how to save manually in Metro Exodus.

  • Hit the menu button on your console or PC.
  • Scroll down to quick save and select it (the A button on Xbox One)
  • Hey presto, the game is saved.

If ‘quick save’ is greyed out, either you’re in combat or the game is auto saving. If it’s the former, either kill or get away from your enemies.

There are, unfortunately, no specific save slots which is a pain if you’re looking to go back to a particular level. We also recommend only quick saving in a good position, both in terms of where you are and how much ammo you’re carrying/health you have. Once you quick save, your last quick save is overwritten.

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