How to Summon a Vehicle in a Jump Force Lobby

Jump Force 4

Like many fighting games these days, Jump Force throws you into an online lobby which you have to traverse to access various game features.

Unfortunately, kiosks for things like starting versus battles, engaging in missions and upgrading your skills are quite spread out, meaning moving from one to the other can get tedious very fast. Luckily though, you can speed things up by riding a vehicle.

To summon a vehicle in a Jump Force lobby, simply press down on your controller’s d-pad. You’ll then be able to choose from a range of vehicles to ride around the lobby in. When you’re done with your vehicle, simply press down on your d-pad again to make it disappear.


Depending on which version of Jump Force you bought and whether or not you preordered it, more or less vehicles may be available to you than others. Additional vehicles are likely to be added to the game via DLC in the future, too.