How to Unlock New Compound Areas in Monster Energy Supercross 2

Monster Energy Supercross 2

Like its predecessor, Monster Energy Supercross 2 features a compound where you can practice your skills and also start events.

While you can visit the compound from the main menu as soon as you start playing Monster Energy Supercross 2, however, you’ll find many areas within it are inaccessible. To unlock them, you need to play the game’s career mode.

As you play through career mode, you’ll have to choose activities to complete between main events. Challenges are what you need to complete to unlock new compound areas, as well as lots of training. Complete all the training events at novice, for example, and you’ll find that you can’t advance to intermediate until you’ve completed a certain number of challenges.

Challenges come in two varieties. Head-to-head races are literally just that: one-one-one races with your rivals. You’ll find that they’re generally quite easy to beat. Then there are time trials, in which it’s just you on the track with a time to beat set by your opponent. Those are much more tricky. Brush up your skills, though, and you’ll overcome them eventually.

You don’t have to complete too many challenges to unlock all the compound areas in Monster Energy Supercross 2; just make sure you mix them up once in while. You generally get either two or three free days a week in the game’s career mode, and thanks to one of those being a bonus day, you can always do two training or challenge sessions if you wish.

Focus on training and completing challenges in your Monster Energy Supercross 2 career and you’ll have unlocked all those compound areas in no time.