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How to Upgrade Your Cars in DiRT Rally 2.0

Dirt Rally 2 2

As you make your way through your DiRT Rally 2.0 career, you’re probably going to want to upgrade your cars.

Whether you’re driving a front-wheel drive classic or a modern four-wheel drive beast, upgrading your car gives you an edge over the competition in DiRT Rally 2.0. Or at least you hope it will, anyway.

There are two types of upgrades available for your vehicles in DiRT Rally 2.0: engine upgrades, and miscellaneous upgrades.

Miscellaneous upgrades are the easiest to apply to your cars, as all they require is cash. Simply go to the car you want to upgrade in your garage, head to the upgrades menu, and select which upgrades you want to purchase. Most upgrades simply make your car more durable, preventing them from succumbing to the harsh tracks you’re driving on so soon. You also need to buy the tuning upgrade for any particular car to be able to manually tune it.

Unlike miscellaneous upgrades, engine upgrades in DiRT Rally 2.0 have to be worked for. Whenever you take a car into events, your mechanics get to know it better, and figure out ways of improving its performance. So basically, the more you use a car, the more you can improve its performance.

All car engines start at Stage 1 performance, and can eventually be upgraded to Stage 4. When additional Stages are unlocked, simply head to your garage, select the car with the engine you want to upgrade, and head to the engine menu. You can then upgrade the engine to make it perform better. Though be aware, with improved performance comes less engine durability.

We should also note that you can upgrade your cars in the menus before starting events – you don’t always need to go the garage to perform them. In any case, upgrade your cars and you should find your lap times getting that little bit better in DiRT Rally 2.0.

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