How to Upgrade Your Skills in Jump Force

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Jump Force

As you make your way through Jump Force‘s story, you’re going to want to improve the abilities of your custom created hero.

Levelling up is one way to do that, and buying new skills is another. Finding a bunch of skills that really fit in with your playstyle can really make the difference between the victory and defeat. And upgrading those skills gives you an extra edge.

There are two types of skills you can upgrade in Jump Force: J-Skills and Ability Skills. J-Skills are those equipped direct to your character, providing bonuses to things like attack strength and elemental defence. Ability Skills, on the other hand, have to be assigned to your skills (the moves available when you hold the right trigger), and take effect when you use them.

To upgrade your J-Skills and Ability Skills, head on over to an Upgrade kiosk in either the Alpha, Beta or Gamma team areas. Interact with it and you’ll be asked whether you want to upgrade your J-Skills or Ability Skills. Select which type of skills you want to upgrade, and you’ll be presented with all of your available skills of that type.

To upgrade skills you need two things: energy and gold. Energy comes in three varieties – red, blue and green – and the colour required depends on the type of skill you’re wanting to upgrade. Each upgrade also costs gold. The higher you want to take a skill, the more energy and gold you’ll need.

Unfortunately, energy isn’t all that easy to obtain in Jump Force. You’ll gain some for logging in every day, but not very much. It’s also awarded for being on the winning team during events. Just make sure you head on over to the rewards counter on a regular basis to pick up any goodies – including energy – that you’ve been awarded.