Like Solving Logic Puzzles? Pick Up Access Denied

If you fancy giving that fleshy brain of yours a bit of a workout, Access Denied from Stately Snail and Ratalaika Games might be worth a punt.

Just released on Xbox One, PS4 and Switch (with a PC version already available), it’s a game about cracking codes, finding patterns and solving puzzles. Access Denied‘s premise is pretty simple: each of its 36 puzzles gives you some kind of box or console to unlock. Each one features a different type of puzzle, getting more complicated and more difficult as you progress.

There’s a good variety of different challenges on offer here. Some puzzles may require you to examine all sides of the box carefully to find a clue. Others will require you to spot patterns, or rotate dials, or input codes. Depending on what type of thinker you are, you’ll likely find some types much easier than others – and thankfully, there’s a skip button so you never have to be stumped for too long.


If you’re particularly switched on, you’ll likely solve all 36 puzzles in less than a couple of hours. For me, it’s an ideal game to visit for a few minutes at a time, solving one or two puzzles while waiting for something else to install.

The best part? Access Denied is just £5 to pick up. Well, on consoles at least. Annoyingly, it’s only £2 on Steam, but even at a fiver it offers pretty good value for money. If you feel like your braincells need warming up, it’s hard to be disappointed with what Access Denied has to offer.