Negan and Julia are Joining Tekken 7 Later this Month

Tekken 7 Negan

“Little pig, little pig. Let me in!”, Negan shouts at Bandai Namco, wanting to introduce the roster of Tekken 7 to his bat, Lucille. Bandai Namco quivers and nervously whimpers “Oh, okay…”

Today it has been announced that The Walking Dead‘s Negan will finally join the Tekken 7 roster on 28th January. He’ll be available to purchase on his own, and also comes included in Tekken 7‘s second season pass. That’s Season Pass 2 if you’re going to go looking for it on some kind of store.

Negan’s not the only character joining the Tekken 7 roster on the 28th February though – Julia is entering The King of Iron Fist Tournament on that date too.


Fighting to hopefully obtain the funding she needs to follow through on her reforestation efforts, Julia’s back to looking like an eco-warrior for Tekken 7. Not that that’s a bad thing, mind. And with her and Negan’s arrival, Tekken 7‘s Season Pass 2 content comes to an end.

Want to see Negan and Julia in action? Check out the new trailer below.