Co-Op Multiplayer Barotrauma Coming This Spring

Fight for survival underwater in the the far reaches of our solar system in Barotrauma.

Daedalic Entertainment revealed today that their new title Barotrauma, created together with Finnish developers FakeFish and Undertow Games is coming to PC this Spring. In Barotrauma up to 16 players manage intricate submarine system in order to survive sub-zero temperatures and explore an alien ship.


Barotrauma is set in the near future where a group of adventurers have fled Earth and settled on Jupiter’s moon Europa. In this practically inhospitable environment, human life is only possible in the ocean deep below the moon’s frozen surface. This is where you and your crew come in.

As a member of the submarine crew you are tasked with direction your vessel through the dangerous underwater surrounding, exploring alien ruins and completing missions.

Players are forced to manage the on-board systems including the nuclear reactor, sonar, guns machines and more.

It is important to act quickly and strategically when faced with unexpected catastrophes. Apart from the role of captain there are four playable classes and up to 16 players can join the crew of one submarine. The levels are procedurally generator and make for almost endless fun.

Check out Barotrauma’s debut trailer below and look out for more news about it in the coming months.