New Story Trailer Unveiled for Horror Game Dollhouse

Discover the three distinct parts of a story outlined in the new unsettling trailer for upcoming horror game Dollhouse.

SOEDESCO and Creazn Studios unveiled the new story trailer for their game Dollhouse, giving players a glimpse into the storyline of the game. Dollhouse takes on a film noir tone and launches this on Steam as well as digitally and physically on PlayStation 4 later this year.


In Dollhouse’s single-player story mode players take on the role of Marie. Once known as “The Greatest Detective in the World,” Marie is currently suffering from amnesia and is desperate to get her memories back. The only thing that she remembers is that her daughter Emily died on the same night that caused her amnesia.

Trapped inside Dollhouse, where all the doors are locked, all clocks have stopped and journals are hidden, Marie must escape by sifting through the ashes of reality into the remains of her lost memories, all the while trying to find out what happened to Emily.

Dollhouse will feature: a customisable character with 40+ abilities and passives, procedurally generated maps, competitive online multiplayer which will feature 14 different characters and much more.

Check out the trailer below.