Now Available on Switch, Play Observer in Handheld Mode With Headphones On

Observer Switch

We really liked Observer when it released on PS4, Xbox One and PC in 2017.

A cyberpunk thriller with lashings of horror, it captivated us from beginning to end, which is why we awarded the Xbox One version 9/10 in our review. And surprise, surprise, it’s now available on Switch.

If we had to choose three words to describe Observer, we’d go with atmospheric, horrifying, and unpredictable. We’re sure you’ll agree, they are all good words. The world of Observer is dark and gritty, and, while it may be cliched, drenched in neon light. You’ll want to explore every nook and cranny, partly because it’s your job – you play as an investigator, after all – and partly because your curiosity will be piqued. It’s when you start diving into the minds of those you encounter on your investigation that things are kicked up a notch though.

Observer‘s mind diving sequences quickly go from being intriguing and enlightening to  downright frightening. When you dive, you never know quite what to expect. And then the real world becomes just as unpredictable, too, making your life somewhat a living nightmare. Honestly, the latter half of Observer really plays with your mind, and it is absolutely brilliant.

Honestly, you should really check out Observer if you’ve got a PS4, Xbox One or PC and think you have the stomach for it. Play it on a big screen in the dark, with either a good sound system or a pair of headphones. Really immerse yourself in the experience. If you only have a Switch, however, still check out Observer but play it in handheld mode. On a big screen it looks uglier than the other versions, and has one or two technical issues. Like most games on Switch, Observer fares so much better in handheld mode, and the intimacy of it allows you to get more easily absorbed in the experience.

So, if you’ve got a Switch and want something that will quite possibly scare you silly this weekend, buy Observer, sit in a comfy chair, turn off the lights, and play it in handheld mode. Oh, and wear some good headphones too. It’s a recipe for terror, and also cyberpunk delight.