Rapid Railroad Building Rogue-Like Unrailed Announced

We’ve all had to deal with delayed travel plans. Now you can take the reins, so to speak, in the upcoming railroad builder Unrailed.

Daedalic Entertainment, with developer Indoor Astronaut, have announced their new upcoming game Unrailed. In Unrailed, players will be trying to get an unstoppable train to safety through a variety of procedurally generated maps in online multiplayer, local multiplayer or versus mode.

To add to the chaos, you’ll be against the clock in this multiplayer game, working as a team to try and keep your trains from crashing.

Each landscape will have its own obstacles and geographic peculiarities. Some inhabitants in each town will offer you quests while others may trick you. The further you proceed the more you will rewarded with unique upgrades.

Unrailed is set to release this summer for PC.

Check out the short teaser trailer below.