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Resident Evil 2 But With Extreme Facial Expressions is Hilarious

Suddenly, the Tyrant isn’t the scariest thing about Resident Evil 2.

YouTuber DPO23 has a rather unusual series of videos: they take scenes from video games, but turn up the facial animations to 500%. It sounds weird – and it really is. But it’s also hilarious.

It started with Heavy Rain a year ago, with Beyond: Two Souls getting the same treatment some months after. But now, DPO23 has been taking the internet by storm with their “Resident Evil 2 but 500% Facial Animations” videos. There’s three altogether, showing various cutscenes from the new game – but with Leon as you’ve never seen him before.

Trust me, you won’t be able to stop laughing.

You also will never be able to look at Leon Kennedy in the same way ever again. But I’d wager it’s worth it. You can watch the first video below:

Part two and part three are available too, and definitely worth a watch. With nearly four million views combined in just over a week, these really are something special. Thanks for the chuckles, DPO23.

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