Tactical RPG Warsaw Announced with a Gripping Reveal Trailer

Visit Poland during the historic 1944 uprising in the upcoming hand-painted game Warsaw.

Set during World War 2, gaming company and Pixelated Milk’s upcoming game Warsaw is a gorgeous tactical role-playing game set in the Nazi-invaded Central European capital of Warsaw.


The game features a group of character from all walks of life who gather together to rise up against their oppressor.

Warsaw puts players in the shoes of characters from Poland’s 1944 uprising providing an immersive experience of tactical urban warfare.

Warsaw will have scenes of love, friendship, loyalty and the invariable struggle against overwhelming odds all shown in their teaser trailer created by animation studio Human Ark.

This trailer is only an early look at what players can look forward to in Warsaw. The song in the trailer was performed by acclaimed Polish singer Brodka.

Warsaw will be arriving in Q3 of 2019 on Windows, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

Watch the chilling reveal trailer below.