The Best and Worst Changes in the Resident Evil 2 Remake

2The Best: Mr X/The Tyrant

The one thing I was hoping that the new Resident Evil 2 would recapture was the sense of uneasiness and fear that the original game produced so well. Later entries in the series lost some of that (save for Resident Evil 7), shifting the focus to action and thrills from fast-moving abominations rather than the stalking horror of the original Resident Evil games.

Nothing personified this dread more than the unstoppable Mr. X who would enter into your nightmare out of nowhere and cause you to panic. If he didn’t catch you himself then he led you directly into the jaws of a zombie. He was so terrifying that Capcom used a carbon copy of him as the premise to the sequel, in the form of Nemesis. I have never been more scared of a videogame character than I have been of Mr. X  in my whole life. Until now.

I tried to go into this remake blind, without watching much promotional material, so I had no idea what form Mr. X would take. So when he first appeared, after making light work of that helicopter, I knew I was in trouble. Did I have to stay and fight in this new version, or was it best to run? I simply had no idea and ended up caught between two minds. He grabbed me immediately as I stumbled in uncertainty. Then, I decided to fight, mainly out of curiosity but also due to a twitchy trigger finger. I watched him go down on one knee, thinking that may be the end of it for now. No such luck; he quickly got up as I dithered around. I ran, I didn’t know where, but I was too far gone into flight mode to care. I was unsettled. I had seen the horror that stalked my early gaming days in stunning detail get up after several shotgun blasts to the face.

The way he then continues to stalk you throughout the police station, doors no longer being his enemy, is truly frightening. It adds so much tension to these parts of the game, making you forget what you are doing and offsetting any rhythm you’ve managed to get into.