3Final Fantasy VII by Ajneb174

Generally, most the the runs features at the Games Done Quick charity speedrun events rarely last more than a few hours. They want viewers to stay engaged and keep the content fresh and exciting. That’s what makes this 2017 AGDQ run of Final Fantasy VII run even more unbelievable. Not only does it require an immense, almost otherworldly, amount of memorisation and game knowledge, but it requires the group to stay committed to keeping the viewers entertained.

Ajneb174 was seated with Davesterio and J2_JATWo, and the three managed to keep the nearly EIGHT HOUR run entertaining, informative, and full of cool tips and tricks. Through minor exploitations of mechanics, partnered with pure skill and game knowledge, Ajneb174 was able to piece together an amazing run to showcased the extent that speedrunning can get to. This is beyond a simple example of speedrunning skill, it also shows off the commitment people can have to the things they love, and also a great example of how to keep people entertained and engaged.