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The Division 2 (1)

The Division 2’s Private Beta, in Pictures

All it takes is a photo mode to pique my interest in any title.

Massive Entertainment has put one in The Division 2, and I tried it out in the recent private beta.

Without the snow-kissed streets of New York I anticipated The Division 2 to have lost something visually. However, the change from the immediate aftermath of the smallpox epidemic in New York, to the post-post epidemic vibrant beauty of Washington D.C. has the opposite effect: The Division 2 is beautiful.

The addition of a photo mode in The Division 2 allows further freedom to gawk at the visuals, and the intricacies found within them.

Whereas in the first title, screenshots tended to be bleak and colourless, Washington D.C. shines with the wonderful greenery on offer, and an explosion of colours. The extended work put into the density of The Division 2’s open world – at least in the beta area – gives so much more to look at, too. And unlike New York with its near-identical streets, America’s capital is looking like it offers up plenty for us to ogle at.

Here are a selection of screenshots I took during the private beta of The Division 2 using its photo mode on a PS4 Pro.

Click on images to see in full 4K resolution

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