Townsmen: A Kingdom Rebuilt Adds a Tonne of Content to a Fun City Building Game

The original Townsmen released on PC in 2016.

Thanks to its medieval setting, it’s reminiscent of The Settlers; starting with just a castle in a tiny village, it’s up to you to build a thriving, self-sufficient empire. You’ll need farmers, carpenters, builders, bakers – candlestick makers optional. Townsmen is a pleasant looking game with fairly simple systems that allow even novices to the genre to jump in and play.

And thanks to the release of Townsmen: A Kingdom Rebuilt, it’s about to become even more inclusive. A Kingdom Rebuilt is an “improved and remastered” version of the original game, adding plenty of new content and improvements. One such new addition is a robust six-mission tutorial that takes players through the basics of city-building. Each mission deals with a different aspect of the game, easing new players in gently to everything that Townsmen has to offer.


Between the new content brought to the table in A Kingdom Rebuilt and the content from the original release, there are now 24 maps in the game’s sandbox mode alongside 26 separate scenarios. The scenarios will task you with achieving particular goals, while the maps in the sandbox mode will allow you to freely develop your town however you see fit. As you play through, regardless of which mode you choose, you’ll unlock over 150 types of buildings to construct, with over 70 different technologies and improvements that can be researched.

If you’re a fan of city building games, Townsmen: A Kingdom Rebuilt is worth checking out. We reviewed the original release in January 2017, praising the game for its quaintness, beautiful art style and the fact that it’s simply fun to play. If you missed out on Townsmen, maybe you should consider picking you A Kingdom Rebuilt. It doesn’t reinvent the wheel, but it doesn’t need to. It’s a simple rendition of a tried-and-tested formula, one that’s nicely presented and fun to sink a few hours into.

Townsmen: A Kingdom Rebuilt will be available on PC from tomorrow, priced $20/£17. Even better, if you already own the original Townsmen on Steam, you’ll get A Kingdom Rebuild added to your library completely free.