Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Your Non-Gaming Other

Not everyone shares our loves for games, and not everyone shows the same dedication to the art as us who live and breath the medium.

So, what can you do for your significant other to show your love for them, when all you know is gaming? Get them a gaming gift of course! Here are few suggestions on what to get as a gift for your non-gaming other.


Spyro Reignited

My first suggestion is actually what I got my girlfriend for our anniversary. It was a perfect fit for a girl who has only ever played The Sims, but loves dragons and hates stress. Spyro Reignited is great for newcomers to video games as it is cute, simple and stress-free. There is no rush in Spyro; you explore the world and save dragons at your own pace. One of the hardest things for non-gamers to get to grips with is using a controller. Luckily, Spyro – and other platforming collectathons like it – provides the perfect sandbox for noobs to explore at their leisure.

Spyro Remaster 1-min

A photoshopped image

Every year for my birthday, my good friend Chris creates a lovely little photoshop for me. It includes him and I in various gaming situations. My favourite so far has us as the protagonists in Resident Evil: Halls of Residence Edition (we met in halls at uni), and it is framed on my desk as I write. What a way to include your friends, whether they like gaming or not, by actually including them on their very own photoshopped box art.

A personalised controller

The best thing about growing up is not having to deal with shoddy third-party controllers. As you grow up you no longer have to vie with friends and siblings for a Dualshock instead of some cheap controller that was a few quid in Currys. But when you have a partner that isn’t into gaming, then they are hardly likely to be tempted by the knock-off or slightly scruffy back-up handset. Why not make it more inviting by personalising their very own controller for them to be proud of? If you’re a PC or Xbox One gamer, Xbox Design Lab is the obvious choice, but there are plenty of other services out there, too.

Gaming Apparel

Doesn’t matter who you are; we all love to look fabulous. Some, like me, manage it effortlessly, but others might need a extra bit of pizzazz. But we all like getting something new to wear that looks good, especially if it plays to our interests. Why not dress up your partner in those interests too? Get some Zelda earrings, a God of War snapback or a Pikachu tee – they are bound to love it.

Anything Nintendo

Whether it’s a Switch or a NES classic, nothing beats the accessibility of Nintendo. They simply ooze fun for all. And I mean all. There is no one alive on this planet that can resist Mario Kart, and I am sure even the dead stir at thoughts of blue shells. If you want an introduction to gaming, then you simply cannot go wrong with Nintendo.

mario kart 8 deluxe

Some of Your Time

Maybe just put the mouse and keyboard away and spend some quality time with each other. But on the other hand Metro Exodus, Far Cry New Dawn, Crackdown and Jumpforce are all out next week…